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About Us


Jeston company is to provide all kinds of product test/inspection comprehensive certification services company. 
Jeston company through ten years of development and perfection is to form a testing, certification, consulting, inspection, and other full-service system.
Jeston Is rich in international laboratory resources, can meet the demand of the diversity of customers into the global market testing services, for many years for much enterprises to  complete all kinds of test certification, well received by customers and trust.



  Company business philosophy:ity, professional, integrity, responsible, quick, and
   enthusiasm Create star certification testing service brand.
  The declaration of access business group employees:We also like you, love our company,             loyal to our cause, we will always adhere to the dream In the most gorgeous way inform future!
  Customer cognitive goal:Choose Jeston can conveniently through all testing.

Jeston-Global testing and certification experts help your products quickly into the market